The staff


Class 1965

Born in Asti but grown up in Loazzolo, a symbol of that amber-coloured nectar produced from Moscato white grapes, Loazzolo passito. And the wolf, representative image of the country and the company Pianbello.
Brother of Pietro and partner of the two wineries.
From an early age he had a strong passion for mechanics, cars, motor racing.
He has a great spirit of inventiveness and creativity.
In the company he uses a lot of energy both in the vineyard, to follow the mechanized works, the workers; and the maintenance of all the machinery and equipment.


Class 1961

He was born in Canelli but grown up with his brother Mario in Loazzolo, on the Canelli side.
Visionary, reckless, far-sighted and with a great attachment to his origins, to his family.
We can define him as the element of wisdom, experience and knowledge of the company.
Accustomed from an early age to hard work in the countryside, in following from birth the various processes in the vineyards together with mom and dad.
He invested, together with Mario, many resources to transform the small family business, buying lands, agricultural vehicles, equipments, focusing exclusively on the production of grapes and later wine.


Class 1976

Born and grown up in Santo Stefano Belbo, in the hills of Cesare Pavese.
A place dedicated to the cultivation of vines, in particular the highly prized Moscato d’Asti DOCG.
Gianluca is a great connoisseur and lover of Moscato d’Asti, but especially of Pinot Noir.
Thanks to his knowledge, skills and his resourcefulness, among the various wines in selection, have been born two in particular very interesting, Spumante Met. Charmat “Chèrie” and “Segreto” Asti Extra Dry.
Winemaker and also member of the wineries of the Pianbello brand.
We could say that it gives body, quality and soul to our wines, making them real and unique.


Class 1997

Born in Nizza, smaller than three brothers, but grown up between Loazzolo and Canelli, homeland of sparkling wines and Moscato d’Asti DOCG. Son of Mario.
He studied agriculture for a few years.
After his studies he immediately joined Cantine Pianbello.
Little by little, he is learning, with so much passion, the jobs, the shrewdness and the secrets to become an excellent cellarman.
A versatile boy, cheerful and with a great desire to learn.


Class 1996

Born in Nizza, like his brother Lorenzo.
He graduated from the Arte Bianca to become a pastry chef, but then he realized that that road was not suitable for him and chose to take that of the farmer.
He joined the company, together with his cousin Martina, as soon as he finished his studies.
He quickly learned to use the machinery of both the winery and the agricultural ones, with precision, commitment and attention.
Passionate, together with his father Mario, about mechanics.


Class 1996

Born in Acqui Terme, but grown up in Loazzolo.
Since childhood, she has always shown interest in following in the footsteps of her father Pietro, both in the office and in the cellar.
After completing her foreign language studies, she immediately joined the company.
It deals with the reception of customers, tastings, the commercial and accounting.
And creative figure in the social communication field of the company.


Classe 1974

Nata a Bra, ma cresciuta a Canale, tra le colline delle Langhe e del Roero.
Laureata in Scienze della Formazione.
Ha, successivamente, intrapreso la strada verso l’affascinante mondo del vino.
Per mezzo del marito Gianluca, l’enologo, si è inserita nella cantina a Canelli.
Gestisce la parte di registrazione delle pratiche enologiche e delle lavorazioni in cantina.
Inoltre, appassionata nel conoscere ed approfondire le tante sfumature del vino, da poco è diventata Sommelier.


Class 1962

Born in Acqui Terme, but like her husband Pietro, who grown up in Loazzolo.
Hyperactive woman, is always present to support the work of the family and the company.
She helps with bottlings, packagings, welcoming the customers, tastings.
In the company since 1996.
Passionate about gardening and lover of a wine often little known… the Dolcetto d’Asti


Class 1976

Born in Canelli, but grown up in San Marzano Oliveto, a town famous in the past, for the production of high quality apples (Golden).
Willing man and handyman.
Together with Lorenzo, he manages the works in the cellars and in the company’s vineyards.
Great fan of agriculture.