Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir from its own vineyards.

Vineyard: The vineyards are cultivated in the municipality of Loazzolo at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, in sandy-marly facing South / West and an inclination of 25/30%, density of 5000 plants / ha form of cultivation Guyot simple pruning (5-7 gems).

Production: 6,50 tons of grapes per hectare.

Harvest: The grapes are harvested between late September and early October, by hand in boxes of 20 kg.

Winemaking: Soft pressing with stalk remover, addition of selected yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, fermentation of the must with the skins of the grapes to acquire the right color of the wine, at a controlled temperature which must not exceed 22/24 ° C, frequent pumping during the whole period.
After fermentation, 8 to 12 days, racking and draining of pomace directly in barrels and French oak barrels, removal of Torchiati.
Spontaneous clarification and racking during the winter, malolactic fermentation in wood in the spring.

Bottling: It’s performed second spring following the harvest in Bordeaux bottles type “European” heavy 75 cl.

Analytical characteristics:

Alcohol 14% Vol.
Acidity tot. 5.50
Acidity vol. 0.35
Tot SO2. 90
SO2 Lib. 30
Residual sugar 0

Characteristics: Ruby red of good intensity, smooth and elegant fragrance with pleasant hints of red berries and sweet tobacco. Taste velvety, warm and harmonious, nice backbone and tannin juicy.

Serving suggestions: It’s a full-bodied and delicate wine, good with risotto, pasta and grilled meat. Well suited even in combination with large fish or baked in salt.
Serve chilled but not too 15/16 ° C.