Piemonte DOC


Area: vineyards typical of Monferrato.

Grapes: Barbera

Production area: in Calosso and San Marzano O.

Grape Harvest: end of September-early October

Vinification: Traditional. With maceration of the skins for 8-10 days with help of pumping and delestage, alcoholic fermentation at 26-28 ° C, followed by malolactic fermentation at 18-20 °C.

Ageing: in stainless steel tanks, bottling in spring.

Colour: ruby red, clear and intense.

Aroma: intense, vinous and fruity.

Taste: fresh, full-bodied, smooth and fragrant.

Temperature: 16-18 ° C.

Pairings: pasta, grilled meats and hard cheeses.