Pianbè dei Surì


Production area: 18 towns in the provinces of Asti and Cuneo, between Langhe and Monferrato.

Grapes: 100% White Moscato, from vineyards exposed to the south-West gradient of 40/45%, the so-called “Surì”. Where the processes are carried out exclusively by hand.

Harvest: The grapes were harvested in the third week of September by hand in boxes of 20 kg.

Winemaking: Crushing-stemming under inert gas protection. Maceration for 12 hours. Soft pressing and obtaining the must flower, flotation separation of nitrogen and sediment. Slow fermentation at a temperature of 12 ° C in heat-conditioned tanks to reach the 5.5 degrees of alcohol. Cold stabilization. Bottled immediately winter following the harvest, bottled Borgognotta “Hellenic Maya” 75cl.

Analytical characteristics:

Alcohol 5.50% Vol.
Residual sugar 140 g / liter
Total acidity 5.80 gr / liter
Sulfur tot. 130 mg / l.
Free sulfur 30 mg. / Liter
PH 3.23
Bottle pressure 2.5 bar. About

Characteristics: Straw yellow with green shades, with fine and creamy foam. Floral scent characteristic aromatic, honeyed accordance with sage and citrus.
Sweet taste pleasant, aromatic.

Serving suggestions: Langa hazelnut cake, hard cheese, dessert in general. Serve chilled, room temperature 5/6 ° C.