Pianbè Loazzolo


Has gained recognition DOC in 1992, rare wine made from White Moscato grapes exclusively from Loazzolo few manufacturers in total (10-12 hectares), with a yield of 27.5 hl. / ha.

Harvest: The harvest is done late by hand with two or three choices for optimum sugar content, the grapes are left to dry naturally on the racks or boxes of 2.5 kg. for about sixty / ninety days.

Winemaking: Stemming and selection of grapes by hand, pressing and prolonged for obtaining the must, natural clarification at 15 ° C and yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae and sending in barrels. Racking every 3/4 degrees of alcohol. Cold stabilization before bottling to prevent sediment in the bottle.
Aging in oak barrels for at least 12-18 months in the bottle for at least 6 months.

Bottling: Takes place in the bottle “Rhenish” 37.5 cl.

Characteristics: Bright golden yellow. Elegant bouquet, intense with clean scents of musk, citrus and peach, associated with sensations of candied fruit and the pleasant aroma of Muscat grapes. Sweet taste, characteristic, slightly aromatic, harmonious and complex with a lingering finish fine and elegant.

Oenological characteristics:

Alcohol 11.5% vol.
Ac. Total 5.10 gr. / Lt.
Ac. volatile 0.90
PH 3:38
Total SO2 c.a 110 mg. / Lt
Free SO2 26
Sugars res. 160 gr. / Lt.

Serving suggestions: Great dessert wine, excellent as an aperitif with cheese. It’s a meditation wine to be enjoyed in very special moments.